We’re accepting applications for our sixth generation of interns. Interviews will occur in February 2019 for openings in May 2019.

Interns are college students in meteorology looking to build their resume, improve forecasting and writing skills, and serve a large audience with forecasts in support of @NashSevereWx.

Who are we? We run this Twitter account, we’re media, we’re partners with NWS-Nashville. We launched Middle Tennessee’s #tSpotter program,  used in many variations and adaptations throughout the National Weather Service. In 2016 we accepted the Walter J. Bennett Public Service Award from the National Weather Association, which we’re really proud of. We’ve produced more than 2,600 blog-form forecasts on this site, mostly written by interns. Each year, our forecasts are read millions of times by a few hundred thousand readers. We’re volunteers with other full time jobs (lawyer, emergency planning, ministry), supported financially by local community donors.

Interested? Send us a resume. Those selected will be interviewed by Google Hangout. Interns write 6 blogs per week (if we select 2 interns, three per week), which are edited then published on a schedule that works for everyone. Interns serve for one or, sometimes, two years. No intern has ever missed a party, football game, exam, or family time while writing for us.

Past interns have graduated and become broadcast, research, and operational meteorologists all over the country.

Here’s what past interns have to say about our program.

Kaiti Blake:

Caroline MacDonald:

Meagan Massey:

Brendan Schaper, who made all these videos (though we didn’t ask him):

In the past all interns have come from Mississippi State. This year we’re opening it up to anyone in a university meteorology program. Past interns received school credit for independent study; that’ll depend on your school. We pay you as much as we make from this: no dollars.

Email us with a resume at [email protected]